Meet Our Team

Dr. Ryan Chan Jing Jie

dr ryan jie
Dr. Ryan Chan Jing Jie

Dr. Ryan Chan Jing Jie is a dental virtuoso, weaving artistry and expertise into every patient’s journey. With a passion for sculpting healthy and radiant smiles, Dr. Ryan is not just a dentist; he is a curator of confidence, dedicated to crafting personalized masterpieces of oral wellness.

Born and raised in the vibrant city-state of Singapore, Dr. Ryan is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. After earning his Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD) at the University of Western Australia, he consistently seeks professional courses, engages in research, and embraces dental technology to enhance his clinical skills. Drawing inspiration from Singapore’s dynamic blend of traditions and innovation, Dr. Ryan aspires to create a soothing and comforting environment, where each visit is a step towards not just oral health but also a more enjoyable journey in the realm of dentistry.

Beyond dentistry, Dr. Ryan enjoys a diverse range of hobbies, including cooking, playing football, surfing, and fishing.

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