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Implant-retained Dentures In Darch

Say goodbye to falling-out or ill-fitting dentures – our dental implants will keep them securely in place! You will not have to worry about your dentures falling out again.
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Improve comfort and stability with implant-retained dentures

Traditional dentures are often uncomfortable and don’t look natural.
If you’re currently wearing dentures or partial dentures, you know how uncomfortable and embarrassing they can be. They often don’t fit well, and they can fall out easily.
At Darch Dental Centre, we offer implant-retained dentures for people who are looking for an improved dental experience. Implant-retained dentures are also called clip-on dentures. They offer many advantages over traditional dentures. These include greater comfort, a more natural appearance, and enhanced stability. With implant-retained dentures, implants are used to hold dentures in place. In many cases, mini implants are used. They also need fewer implants than implant-supported dentures. An implant-retained denture typically requires two to four implants. Each implant holds the bite force against the gums. They provide a stronger base for artificial replacement teeth that last much longer. Implant-retained dentures do not fall out while talking or eating. They also provide a bit more bite force. With implant-retained dentures, you can have all-day comfort and confidence as if they were your own natural teeth. However, implant-retained dentures should be removed at night for cleaning, just like a removable denture.

Benefits of Implant-retained Dentures

Darch Dental Centre is proud to offer implant-retained dentures for our patients. This type of denture has many benefits over traditional dentures, and we believe that it is the best option for most patients.
  • Implant-retained dentures are the latest advancement in denture technology. They look and feel more natural than traditional dentures, and they are much more comfortable to wear.
  • With an implant-retained denture, you will no longer have to worry about your denture sliding or moving around in your mouth. If your dentures are implant-retained, you can eat and drink without fear of them falling out.
  • Implant-retained dentures are becoming more popular because they offer a much more stable denture alternative. They also improve your bite force, making eating the foods you love easier.
  • An implant-retained denture is an important step in preserving the health and shape of your jaw bone. By bonding with bone tissue, titanium and zirconium implants stimulate bone growth and stop bone loss and deterioration.
  • You maintain your jaw bone structure and shape with implant-retained dentures since they prevent jaw bone loss and shrinkage. The artificial teeth replacement will maintain the shape of your face, thus keeping your face looking young.
  • With the right aftercare, dental implants can last a lifetime. An implant-retained denture is a cost-effective method, so you won’t worry about paying for another implant again.
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If you are considering implant-retained dentures, Darch Dental Centre is the perfect choice. We are a highly experienced and qualified team, and we will work with you to ensure that you receive high-quality implant-retained dentures and the best possible care.
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50 Years of Combined Experience
Darch Dental Centre has been providing high-quality implant-retained dentures to countless patients for years. If you are considering implant-retained dentures, our experienced dentists would be happy to help you explore your options and find the best option for your needs.
Affordable Payment Options
Darch Dental Centre offers several payment options for implant-retained dentures, so you can find one that fits your budget. We also offer financing options through Afterpay to allow you to spread out the cost of your dental care over time.
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Multiple Sedation Options
We understand that everyone’s needs are different, so we offer many sedation options to help you relax during your dental appointment. We are equipped to meet your needs, whether you need local anaesthesia, nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or IV sedation.


Patients who are eligible for implant-retained dentures include those who:

  • have an arch of teeth that is missing most or all of its teeth,
  • have sufficient bone density for implant placement,
  • are in good general oral health, and
  • have no systemic health problems that might affect the success of their implants.

Our first step in the implant-retained denture process is an initial consultation appointment. Your dentist will examine your entire mouth and review your medical history. They will also take x-rays, 3D scans, and digital impressions. These will help determine your suitability for dental implants. This information will be used to identify the best placement of your implants based on the quality and quantity of your bones.

We will create a customised dental treatment plan once we have determined you are a suitable candidate. We will also discuss the cost of the implant treatment program and the payment plans available to you.

The second stage of this dental procedure is implant placement. Placing dental implants begins with the removal of any compromised teeth. Afterward, an incision in the gum line will be made to place the implant. We may need to place six to eight implants strategically throughout your jaw bone. This will provide the support that your new false teeth need. The incisions will be stitched together after the implants are inserted into the drilled holes. It could take 3–6 months for the healing process to occur, so you’ll wear a temporary denture. The temporary denture will be positioned so as not to put pressure on the implants.

A denture adjustment will be made two weeks after surgery to ensure a comfortable fit. Gel will be applied to prevent the temporary denture from rubbing against the dental implants. We will take an x-ray to check if the implants have already fused to the jaw bone approximately 3-6 months after the surgery. If the implants and bone have already integrated, the implants will be carefully exposed by making small incisions in your gum tissue. We will then place healing caps on each implant to promote gum tissue healing.

Once you have healed from the implant placement surgery, the healing caps will be replaced with denture abutments. Impressions will be taken to create your new denture. It is possible to change an existing denture into an implant-retained prosthetic. But it is ideal to have a denture fabricated specifically for your implants. We may need several weeks to create your custom-fitted, high-quality implant denture. 

As soon as your new denture is ready, our team will attach it to your mouth. We will also make sure it is securely attached and adjust it if needed to prevent pressure points. Our team will also teach you how to use and maintain the implant-retained denture system.

In general, you must have sufficient bone density to get dental implants successfully. The advantage of implant-retained dentures is that the implants are placed in areas of the jaw where there is plenty of bone remaining. We recommend a bone graft procedure if you do not have sufficient bone to support an implant.

When properly cared for, implants can last from 15 years to a lifetime. The dentures are made separately from the implants. They should last about seven years before they show wear or staining. You will also have to replace the rings that hold the dentures onto the implants every one to five years. Patients who prefer very tight-fitting dentures need to replace these rings more often.

We recommend visiting your dentist regularly after receiving implant-retained dentures. It will help ensure that your implants are clean and free of any disease or infection.

Both upper and lower natural teeth can be replaced with implant-retained dentures. They give you a natural-looking, secure option that is more convenient and comfortable than traditional dentures. Implant-retained dentures tend to be more secure and comfortable than traditional dentures. This is because their primary support comes from the implants rather than the gums. The dentures also fit better, reducing friction on the gums and improving comfort. Patients may feel more comfortable and confident when eating or speaking while wearing an implant-retained denture.

Fitting implant-retained dentures involves a surgical procedure. No surgical procedure is entirely risk-free. You should expect to experience some discomfort as your body heals during the days following the dental procedure. Complications associated with dental implants may include infections, nerve damage, and gum recession. 

Choose a qualified dental practitioner with experience in dental implant surgery, such as Darch Dental Centre. This way, you can reduce the risk of adverse dental health effects.

The cost of implant-retained dentures may vary. Factors include the cost of the dentures and the cost of the implants. The cost of implant-retained dentures starts at $5,000.

We recommend that you visit our clinic to get an estimate on the cost of  the implant-retained dentures from our dentist.

Implant-retained dentures need to be cleaned daily, just like your actual teeth. This should be done right after eating and before you go to sleep at night. The removable denture is attached to implants in the jaw by special attachments. These attachments allow the denture to be removed twice a day for cleaning. 

Use a soft-bristled brush or a special denture brush for denture cleaning. You should also clean the attachments and your gums daily. Likewise, you should never sleep with an overdenture in your mouth. You can store them overnight in a denture cleaner solution or water.